Counseling for Pregnancy Ambivalence

Video Lecture Presented by: Alissa Perrucci, PhD, MPH San Francisco General Hospital, Women’s Options Center Click here to download this video lecture  Click here to download the Counseling for Pregnancy Ambivalence Lesson Plan/Facilitator Guide with Quiz. Citations Ambivalence as defined … Continue reading

The Framework: The Approach

The Approach Summary : Patient-centered counseling uses this approach: Listen, don’t assume, self-reflect. Patients and providers may not share understanding of complex medical terms.

The Framework: Not A Failure

Not a Failure Summary: A patient who returns for a second or greater abortion indicates that the clinic and staff provided high-quality service and supported the patient. Viewing repeat patients as “failures” contributes to abortion shame and stigma.

The Framework: Liberation

Liberation summary: Healthcare providers may have bias favoring a particular decision, but the patient owns the decision and ultimately it does not impact the providers life.